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North Face Windstopper no challenge

Posted on October 16 2012

A robot costume is a Halloween costume favorite and big hit in costume parties. Adults and children alike take delight in donning a robot costume. Robot costumes can be simple or intricate, all depending upon one’s creativity and resources. However, it may not be practical to buy a robot costume that is only good for a single use or which could easily be outgrown by a child. It is thus a good idea to learn how to make a robot costume from available materials you can find at home or which you can simply buy in your local craft store. Just follow the following tips:

The part in the essay where it talks about the godfather has meaning as well. In the godfather he is shot after someone goes into the bathroom. In the final scene there is a man who is by himself and he gets up to go to the bathroom and as the viewer you get this feeling that someone might be killed when he reurns, like in the godfather. But the viewer never knows what happenes, because we never see when he comes back from the bathroom because the screen goes blank. The final scene seems to have connections to the movie Godfather and also biblical connections.

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I concur with your thoughts on helping put the human rower and biosystem into a safe zone, but also realize that if you make it too easy, I am not interested anymore, no challenge, no fun. No sense of accomplishment or winning you see North Face Windstopper? So we must be careful to keep it challenging. Another issue is weight, the lighter the faster and whereas we will need some of the safety gear, we need to be careful that we are not going to make my boat too heavy and it will sink, cost too much and be too hard to paddle. More people should listen to Burt Rutan and his theory on Risk, including NASA. Ask any hard charger athlete or entrepreneur keep it simple, in it to win it. I remember when I rode my bicycle from OR to Mexico with no jacket in 6-days, 1300 miles or something like that. So it can be done with proper preparation, training and a limited amount of extras. Necessities of course, but the lighter the boat the faster one can row. Think on this..

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